What if Amazigh was a country?

The Amazigh People:

The Amazigh people more commonly referred to as the Berbers were the indigenous population of North Africa from Libya to Morocco and the dominant group before the Arabian/ Muslim Conquests of Maghreb and Egypt. There are still significant groups of Amazigh people in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia with Morocco presently having 44 percent of their population being recognized as Amazigh. But when Morocco and Algeria became independent they became recognized as an Arab state and Algeria tried to keep their image as Arab as possible disregarding the minorities in the region. This is the reason when we think Arab, Algeria and Morocco also come in mind.

The Circumstances:

The Amazigh people have never been united because they are very different from each other and it is unlikely they would all work together without a threat through external powers like with the Romans, Arabs, French,Spanish and the Ottomans. So when Morocco gained independence the Amazigh rioted several times. It is surprising that the Amazigh did not take Morocco as their own independent state with 44 – 80 percent of their population and much more before Morocco’s independence.

The Circumstances would have to be either of these two:

  • The Amazigh take over the rebellion for a new Amazigh nation.
  • The Amazigh help the French quell the Rebellions in exchange for a independent state.

Let’s say the Amazigh realize the opportunity to gain independence and so help the French and Spanish quell riots and the Europeans recognize the Amazigh as more European than the Arabs and so grant them independence. It would happen at around the time they lost their other African colonies in 1960 or so because the independence was a diplomatic one not a violent one. As long as the Amazigh could convince the French, the Spanish would follow and they would have a Amazigh Morocco with similar borders.

Similar to Israel it would be a home of sorts for the Amazigh people but there would still be large populations like some of the Tuareg in the desert staying with their ancestral home but most of the Amazigh people would immigrate to the Amazigh nation.

Effects on the World:

There wouldn’t be great impact on the world other than to the large Amazigh population who will finally get a homeland they can comfortably live in. One of the main impacts would be in the Arab world there would likely be a coalition of newly freed Arab states attacking the Amazigh nation like Mauritania, Algeria and possibly even Libya and Tunisia but with the help of the western world the Amazigh nation would likely emerge victorious, very similar to Israel.

In the new nation the laws would likely favor Amazigh migration to the nation and instead of the Amazigh being oppressed like in our world it would be the opposite. The Amazigh people would still be Muslim in the majority but would not participate in the Arabian world’s affairs out of hatred of their past crimes but into the 21st century relations would start to normalize.

Amazigh would also play and important role in the Cold War being a western-aligned nation would help the nation similar to Turkey as a strategic location being close to Europe and controlling the exit to the Mediterranean into the Atlantic, this would encourage the USSR to invest more heavily in North African nations to receive a jumping off point in to the Mediterranean and to rival Amazigh, the USSR would most likely invest in Algeria since Amazigh and Algeria would be natural rivals and the war between Amazigh and Algeria would likely be one of the many proxy wars between the US and USSR.

In conclusion the world would not be affected much as a whole but for the millions of Amazigh living in the Sahara it would be like a dream come to life for their people to have another chance for a fair and equal life.

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